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We just love ice cream!

Justin Williams grew up making home-made ice cream with his family.  He was passionate about ice cream since he was a young boy.  His dream was to one day own his own ice cream business of some kind.  


He married his wife, Summer, who is passionate about all things food.  Together, for a couple of years, they would make ice cream at home after Justin would come home from work. They would concoct all kinds of fun and unique flavors and just share them with the neighbors. Not long later, Justin decided to follow his dream...and now we have, Rockwell Ice Cream Co. We make super premium ice cream, we use all natural ingredients, never artificial flavorings, and we make it all in house, fresh, every day!



We didn't want to just open "another ice cream shop", we wanted to be the best. Our ice cream is dense and creamy and delicious - that is because we incorporate much less air than almost any other ice cream brands do, and we use a 16% butterfat. We also specialize in making unique flavors that you can't find anywhere else. We have a lot more ideas and hope this is just the beginning!

Rockwell's storefront with many people in and around it
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